Terms and Conditions

  1. Any multimedia material, programme, production, resource, software, tool or service that has been created for use in formal or informal higher and continuing education and/or training can be submitted.
  2. Such multimedia material may range from a simple video or multimedia production, (materials created by learners and/or teachers are particularly welcome) to complete courses with a prominent integration of media. The MEDEA Awards welcome all multimedia materials, programmes, productions, resources, software, applications, tools or services with a strong media basis produced for higher and continuing education. In summary, any media material that is used to support formal or informal learning activity in higher and further education is eligible.
  3. There is no restriction regarding the target group(s) for these materials which includes learners, students, pupils, teachers, employees, citizens and trainees at all ages. Content can include all possible subject matter.
  4. There is no restriction regarding the language(s) of the educational media submitted.
  5. The multimedia production must have been created after 1 January 2019. Of course, the entry may include or consist of older material.
  6. There is no restriction on the geographical origin, location of use or subject coverage of the submitted materials.
  7. Media materials that are physically submitted on, for example, CD-rom/DVD as well as any accompanying print manuals, should be submitted in 4 copies and will not be returned to the sender after the competition.
  8. It is the responsibility of the entrant to make sure that all copyrights (IPR, intellectual property rights) are cleared for the entry he/she wishes to submit. Where there are clear breaches of copyrights or other IPR, the judges will exclude the submission from further assessment. It is recommended at the time of the submission that the entrant provides good documentation and/or evidence as to how IPR or copyright issues related to the submitted media have been resolved.
  9. Participants are allowed to submit up to 8 entries.
  10. Once the jury deliberations are complete, the organising committee which includes members of the jury panel will meet to decide on the final ranking based on the results of the jury panel. The organising committee may at all times decide to award a special Prize of the MEDEA Jury in addition to the MEDEA Award itself. This special prize will only be awarded upon the organising committee's own initiative to an approach or production in recognition of exceptional creativity and/or innovation in pedagogic or technical design.
  11. In recognition of the importance of pedagogical quality, marks for this criterion have a double weight in the final score for each entry.
  12. Participants can request a summary of the judges' feedback on their entry after the end of September 2021.
  13. Multimedia productions that were submitted to the MEDEA Awards competition in previous years can be resubmitted if all aforementioned conditions are met.
  14. All the required materials (signed letter with original signature and 4 copies of a CD-rom/DVD if applicable) have to be sent to arrive at the MEDEA Secretariat before 31 May 2021, 12 midnight (CET) via email, fax or post (postmark will be checked).

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