Know IT All for Primary Schools

MEDEA Overall Award Winner 2009

MEDEA Overall Award Winner 2009

Know IT All for Primary Schools includes a vibrant new 3D SMART animation created by Childnet International, designed especially for both primary school staff and primary pupils. The resources are designed to help school staff to understand important e-safety issues and to offer strategies and information on how to support young pupils to get the most out of the Internet. Childnet’s SMART rules are illustrated by this exciting and engaging animation.

Two main animated characters Kara and Winston were created who, together with their friends learn about different technologies and their safe use.

The showcase video of the project Know IT All for Primary Schools, including an interview with Lucinda Fell

Through their travels the animated characters use the Internet, mobile phones, social networking pages and a games console and chat to negotiate and navigate their way through a series of realistic online situations. On their journey they are able to interact with a real life SMART crew and request help from young children (in live footage) who guide the cartoon characters in their quest, helping them to make informed and responsible online decisions along the way and helping the viewer to remind him/her that the challenges the characters face are not unique to the animation, but are applicable in the real world. The animation is accompanied by an interactive training film that combines real footage with animated illustrations to help primary school teachers present the safety message.

What the judges said of this entry:

“It is an attractive educational adventure story which is playfully realized and with lots of emotions. The critically important topic of internet safety is targeted with aplomb for its young audience. The animations are most engaging, well-scripted and the added value of the smart kids hits the spot perfectly. Adding the Live Crew (real live peers) is a successful way of making the story and the experiences of the 3D characters more recognizable for the target audience.

Know it All for Primary Schools provides a very complete and detailed pedagogical framework, excellently realized and with outstanding pedagogical quality of the various learning materials! It is excellent, compelling, with a high production value and as easy to use as a rental DVD. It is a most impressive resource which deserves a very wide uptake.”

About the creation of Know IT All for Primary Schools

Miss Lucinda Fell, Policy and Communications Manager from Childnet International, talks about the creation of Know IT All: “Childnet recognised that primary school aged children have a wide range of online experience and knowledge. While some children are very familiar with many services and online applications, others have more limited experience and knowledge. Very often, teachers struggle with how to teach these vital safety messages to empower their pupils to be fully active in the online world. Know IT All for Primary Schools was designed to address the need for clear, targeted and up-to-date e-safety information for primary aged users and to help equip teachers in establishing fundamental strategies and key advice for children on these issues in a clear and engaging way.

Childnet believes that e-safety guidance should be given to pupils wherever and whenever use occurs in a manner appropriate to the age, background knowledge and skill level of the pupil. The animation and accompanying information pack has been designed to inform and educate teachers, parents and other adults working with children. Some groups of children are potentially more vulnerable and more at risk than others when using ICT, including children with emotional or behavioural difficulties, learning difficulties, and other complex needs in addition to those for whom English is an additional language. Childnet has recognised that these are challenging and complex issues for schools and those in the education workforce to deal with. A number of resources have been designed to accompany the animation so that as many children as possible can get the most out of the animation. Optional subtitles, a British Sign Language version of the SMART rules, screen captures, picture and symbol resources and the full script of the animation are available to further explore the key learning objectives presented in the animation with children.”

About Lucinda Fell

Lucinda Fell

Lucinda Fell

Lucinda Fell is Policy and Communications Manager at Childnet International, which she joined in October 2007 taking responsibility for Communications and the formulation of Childnet's policy responses as well as contributing to the production and publication of various key resources. Lucinda promotes a balanced approach to online risks, highlighting the importance of education and recognition of the positive opportunities that engagement in the online world can bring young people. She is a member of UK Council for Child Internet Safety and a member of the European Commission Social Networking Taskforce. Lucinda is leading Childnet’s Youth IGF Project, designed to take the voice of the youth to the UN mandated Internet Governance Forum. Before joining Childnet Lucinda worked with the UK's leading trade association for ISPs as Public Affairs Manager since 2004, giving her wide experience of working with both Industry and Government on Internet policy. Prior to her role with Industry, Lucinda was a Policy Advisor in the International Communications Directorate of the then DTI. Lucinda holds an honours degree in Politics and International Relations from the University of Birmingham and was awarded the University International Relations Award.

Lucinda, who represented Childnet at the prize-giving ceremony in Berlin and who graciously accepted the bronze MEDEA statuette as well as prizes including a MicroTrack II mobile digital recorder (sponsored by AVID) and an Adobe Production Premium Creative Suite 4 Licence (sponsored by Adobe Systems), said the following after winning the award: “I am thrilled that Childnet's recently launched Know IT All for Primary resource has been recognised as the winner of the MEDEA Award 2009. Equipping children to use the internet and mobile phones safely is crucial and this resource has been designed to share key messages and lessons in an exciting and engaging way at the time when children are at an early stage in using these powerful tools. Since we launched this resource in June 2009 there has been huge demand from primary schools in the UK for it. Both Childnet and the partners involved in this project are delighted with MEDEA's recognition of its detailed pedagogical framework.”

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