MEDEA Award 2008 finalist

Showcase video of the project Artisancam including interview with Keith Alexander

ArtisanCam is a free online resource that introduces children (mainly 7-14 year old pupils) and their teachers to the world of contemporary art. It has been designed to help teachers deliver a creative curriculum through a wide variety of interactive workshops and activities including over 560 exclusive video clips of international artists and their work.

Screenshot of the project ArtisanCam.

Screenshot of the project ArtisanCam

What the judges said of this entry

“A variety of angles on contemporary art, from the actual 'making of’ to different ways to 'read' art, consistent with the level of the target users. Pedagogical objectives are clear, as are the notes for teachers on how to use the many rich resources. Includes inviting and motivating interactive activities for pupils.

The site captures the excitement that contemporary experiencing art can provoke. The interviews with children are particularly catching. There is a very broad range of other activities that are strongly visual and motivational.

Excellent use of media, video and animations, as well as interactivity and self activity to show and tell as well as to participate and do it yourself. Very high aesthetic quality in keeping with the theme of contemporary art for kids. This entry should be highlighted as an example of excellence, showing how video can be integrated into an overall concept starting from the pedagogical objectives and combining video in an intelligent way with learning activities, notes for teachers etc., all in a highly attractive, usable and accessible interface.”

About Keith Alexander

Picture of Keith Alexander, Rebecca Stromeyer and Mathy Vanbuel.

Keith Alexander, Rebecca Stromeyer, ICWE (Germany) and Mathy Vanbuel, ATiT (Belgium)

Keith Alexander is the originator and Content Director of ArtisanCam. He has almost 30 years experience of working with schools and communities as a visual artist before he developed the ArtisanCam website. Keith has represented Arts Council England overseas and been at the centre of prestigious UK initiatives such as Year of the Artist. is a free online resource designed to enable teachers deliver a creative curriculum and inspire the young artists of the future. Young people can watch artists working in their studios in specially recorded video clips. On occasions ArtisanCam broadcasts live from artists’ studios so that pupils can watch the development of a piece of work and ask the artist questions. Teachers can learn alongside their pupils with step-by-step workshops or by using a virtual interactive activity and is an invaluable resource for teachers in the classroom. Artisancam has so far received three BAFTA nominations, a Webby nomination and won a BETT award in 2007.

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