ASBCAST Mini Lectures

MEDEA 2009 Highly Commended

MEDEA Awards 2009 Highly Commended

The ASBCAST Mini Lectures from the Aarhus School of Business (ASB), University of Aarhus in Denmark are short videos that discuss several subjects of business communication. The viewer (student, teacher of external person) gets a short introduction to a theory, an issue or a current problem from the perspective of researchers from ASB. These mini lectures are targeted at students of degree programmes at bachelor and master level in business and communication studies at ASB, with an age range between 19 and 28 years old. The materials can be used as a standalone mini lecture or as part of a face-to-face lesson as they are reusable.

The mini lecture Appreciative Inquiry

Students use the materials from home (on their computer or iPod) or in class, and the lecturers make use of the videos in class as well or in blended learning. “With more and more videos being recorded with international guest professors, it also gives students theopportunity to put a face on the authors of some of their reading materials. We have found that many students actually use the videos to supplement their reading material and as a preparation help before exams. With all the standard tools for embedding, sharing and syndicating, the videos are easily distributed and integrated by students, teachers and others.”

What the judges said of this entry:

“The material, designed to be used either from home or in the classroom, support learning in both settings very well.” The judges can see the dilemma between short clips, which does seem to be a growing trend, and longer clips but it can be argued that students at this level can handle 'meatier' chunks. “The clips do give the essential information in a pleasant experience and the learning objective is clear and very well addressed.

The videos are examples of good communication and their narratives keep the learner focused on the given topic, plus the left side bar containing the key issues addressed by the speaker is quite useful. The students can use it with no need for support, a useful tool for both classroom use and self-access.”

About the creation of ASBCAST Mini Lectures

Screenshot of the ASBCAST Mini Lectures, MEDEA Awards 2009 Highly Commended

Screenshot of the entry ASBCAST Mini Lectures

Mrs. Signe Hvid Maribo, Head of Media Department (ASB Media) at Aarhus School of Business, University of Aarhus (ASB) adds: “The project was created to optimize the dissemination of knowledge and research that takes place in Aarhus School of Business to the key target groups; managers and students. Managers and their colleagues are often too busy to read books to stay up-to-date on business research, so Aarhus School of Business decided to provide them with a set of online videos to give them an overview of different fields of business research from the researchers themselves. Our second target group is the students of Aarhus School of Business and we use the videos in various educational contexts.

The short format of the videos is adapted to the target groups’ limited time, but also to the general trend of the online consumers’ shortened attention span. And although the videos could probably have been even shorter, we are however a research and educational institution, and our videos explain matters that are often based on many years of research. We have kept the style very simple for several reasons: the focus remains on the researcher speaking, we use less resources and we think of the videos as mini lectures so in line with that, some of the videos are supported by a bar in the left side which emphasize the key point of what the speaker is saying, just like a PowerPoint presentation. Video is also more technically demanding to produce than text, so t presents its own problems of resources and knowhow, but we chose the medium because it is also very easily distributed and has the potential to go worldwide in the blink of an eye. The material is used continuously, and because of syndication, embedding and sharing options we have given up control of how the videos are distributed and consumed.”

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Some examples of the Danish and English mini lectures are:

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