Canal Educatif

MEDEA Award 2008 finalist

Showcase video of the project Canal Educatif including interview with Erwan Bomstein-Erb

This collaborative web platform offers a series of free and innovative educational videos connected to the high school level curriculum. Targeted at teachers, students and families, it is intended for after-school work by students, for use during class time and to foster discussion between different generations.

What the judges said of this entry:

“This learning object repository of media objects is an excellent resource for teachers and students. The subject matter is highly focused and the learning resources are all of very high aesthetic, production and pedagogical quality. The ability to make comments for the developers to receive feedback (and hence improve their materials) is good practice. Users can also share ideas, viewpoints, etc. The fact that the service (and all of its content) is offered free is worth highlighting. The narrative approach is an excellent idea and appealing and contributes to contextualising the learning and teaching.”

About Erwan Bomstein-Erb

Erwan Bomstein-Erb is the Founder and Director of Canal Educatif (“on demand educational channel”), a collaborative web platform, which offers a series of free and innovative educational videos to teachers, students and families.

Picture of Erwan Bomstein-Erb, Rebecca Stromeyer and Mathy Vanbuel.

Erwan Bomstein-Erb, Rebecca Stromeyer, ICWE (Germany) and Mathy Vanbuel, ATiT (Belgium)

He is a graduate from HEC business school and a former philosophy teacher. He started his career in the venture capital industry in Paris in 1999, at Atlas Venture, where he worked on the funding of promising web services. As a teacher in the East and North of France, he refined his thoughts about the challenges facing the French educational system. He founded the Canal Educatif (CED), in order to dramatically improve the access of students to culture through web 2.0 technologies.

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