Cartini Animati

Highly Commended 2012

MEDEA Awards Highly Commended 2012

This animation film about recycled paper was created by teacher Raffaella Traniello and 70 kids (5-7 years old) of the Istituto Scolastico Comprensivo Statale Ponte San Nicolò in Italy.

The students learned how to create their own recycled paper and created two animation films to share what they learned. The first episode compares paper with their hand-made recycled paper through a story of a recycled paper marrying a tree and bearing little children of recycled sheets of paper.

The animation film of Cartini Animati

The second film compares correctly recycled paper with the paper recycled from unsorted waste through a story where the little paper children go to class with children from recycled unsorted materials. When they have to write their names on their own paper bodies the results are very different because the recycled paper from unsorted materials is not as easy to write on.

This production was part of the Italian school project “Esperimenti di cinema” which is about making animations, and focusses on creativity and collaboration.

What the judges said

The judges noted that: “The didactic quality and the learning quality of this entry are outstanding. From a pedagogical point of view, this is a very rich learning experience in which the students learn about the subject matter (recycling) through hands-on experimenting and collaborative production of an animated film. ”

Screenshot of Cartini Animati

Screenshot of Cartini Animati

“The quality of the animation video is very good, despite the children being only 6 years old. The quality of the backstage documentary is excellent, both technically and in the fact that the documentation of the process was thoroughly captured.”

“The excellent pedagogic value of this project is in the process rather than the product: if another teacher wanted to emulate this process (6-year-old children producing an animation on some topic in the curriculum of 6-year-olds), there is very good documentation. However, such an endeavour should come with a health warning regarding the labor required as the project took 4 hours per week over 5 months!”

About the creation of Cartini Animati

Screenshot of Cartini Animati

Screenshot of Cartini Animati

Raffaella Traniello, the primary school teacher who created this animation with her students, tells us that “the educational project behind Cartini animati started when the school fixed that year’s theme: respect for the natural environment with a focus on recycling.

As the children produced recycled paper from used paper and from generic waste, and compared the two processes (easy vs smelly) and the two results (good vs unusable paper), they learned the importance of separating waste carefully. The animation was created to tell the story of their discovery, to summarise their learning and to pass on this learning to other kids.

In order to create the media they also learned about cinema: from building a story to creating characters and animating them. The whole process is described in a backstage video called 'The making of Cartini Animati' with links to English subtitles and download).

The making of Cartini Animati

The making of Cartini Animati

The animation was mainly created by 2 classes of 6 years old kids, who all worked on the idea, planning, background preparation, shooting and sound; smaller groups were organised when necessary. A third class of 6-year olds also helped with recording the video and  were kept up to date on the progress of the creation by the other two classes. The project, taking up about 4 hours a week for 5 months, was integrated in art, music and technology classes.

We sent the video in to several festivals for kids, which helped build a web of friendship and collaboration among schools worldwide, and our project received first prize in Sottodiciotto Film Festival 2011 (Category Primary Schools), and was received well in many other competitions.”

About Raffaella Traniello

Raffaella Traniello

Raffaella Traniello

Raffaella Traniello is a videomaker and primary teacher, with classical music education, who is passionate about hands-on and cooperative learning. Since 2006 she has been making animations with her pupils during art, music and technology classes, using a collaborative and experimental approach and pushing creativity to the extremes.

She uses only Free Open Source Software. Raffaella is the co-founder of the Corti a Ponte International Short Film Festival.

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