Court introduction

Rättegångsskolan på webben/Court introduction, a screenshot

Rättegångsskolan på webben/Court introduction Brottsoffermyndigheten Crime Victim Compensation and Support Authority (Sweden)

MEDEA Award 2008 overall winner

This web-based court introduction (Rättegångsskolan på webben) explains what happens before, during and after court proceedings to those people who are required to make an appearance in court (crime victims, witnesses, relatives and perpetrators).

What the judges said of this entry:

“The learning objectives are clearly defined in the introductory video (which is interactive like the rest of the site). The narrative makes it easy to follow the programme and the user is continuously guided through the process. Animations are really very well done; the technical quality is stunning throughout. Given the nature of the content, the entry is very consistent and effectively addressing the target users expectations and learning interests. The video content is excellent, and the technical quality is superb. Over all this application is a very enjoyable experience to navigate through and interact with. This project is innovative in the way that it makes use of multimedia to teach a subject that would be hard to learn in another way. Its target users are mainly adults who would find it hard to find the time and the possibility to learn in a traditional way. The potential of multimedia to enhance learning is effectively exploited.

The approach and design makes learning fun and easy. Even though it was in Swedish I, as a judge, could navigate well and I was interested from start till end, which is really indicative for the usability and effectiveness of this production.”

About Ulf Hjerppe

Picture of the winner Ulf Hjerppe, together with Rebecca Stromeyer (ICWE) and Clive Young.

Ulf Hjerppe, together with Rebecca Stromeyer, ICWE (Germany) and Clive Young, Imperial College London (United Kingdom)

Ulf Hjerppe is a lawyer and information officer. He has been working on the website (Court Introduction) administered by the Crime Victim Compensation and Support Authority.

Ulf attended Umeå University law school and later worked at the district court of Umeå for two years. At the Crime Victim Compensation he has primarily worked with information projects concerning victim rights as well as lectures towards the professionals in the judicial system. Later he started a project called Court Introduction aimed at informing and preparing victims before trial. This project was conducted at several district courts throughout Sweden and was highly appreciated both by victims of crime as well as professionals in the judicial system.

In 2007 he became the project leader at the Crime Victim Compensation and Support Authority where he developed the Court Introduction on the web which is one of the most popular, publicly accessible e-learning products in Sweden.

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