Et si c'était toi?

MEDEA User-Generated Content Award 2010 Winner

MEDEA User-Generated Content Award 2010 Winner

The 4-minute film 'Et si c'était toi?' (And if it was you?) was produced in 2008 by 17 to 18-year old students of the secondary school Lycée Technique du Centre in Luxembourg. With the generous time and effort of students of class 3IF1 and their French teacher, this film was made largely outside of school hours, in the framework of the project 'School without violence' (Lycée Sans Violence). This short film is about two teenage girls who fall victim to different forms of violence.

The showcase video of Et si c'était toi?, including an interview with Laurence Streitz

The film confronts us with bullying and domestic violence and how the two girls are struggling to cope with it and its consequences such as isolation, depression and suicidal thoughts, and how they both try to find a way to get away from it.

An educational guide was produced to accompany the film, in a collaboration between the Lycée Technique du Centre and the Centre de psychogie et d'orientation scolaires (COPS) of the National Ministry of Education and Training. The guide discusses the topics of bullying and suicide and addresses both the warning signals and suggested attitudes friends and teachers can take towards a victim. Guidelines are also included, to facilitate an interactive session in the classroom or in an informal setting with a group of teenagers. The educational guide and movie were distributed together in the secondary schools of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and are used continuously.

What the judges said about this entry

Et si c'était toi? is a commendable achievement according to the judging panel insofar as it takes on the challenging issues of bullying, violence and suicide. The educational objective is clear – awareness raising – which is achieved with an appropriate level of production which demonstrates balanced camerawork, editing, sound post-production, and of course high-quality acting. The medium of video is used at its strongest: music, narrative, imaging etc. which all contribute to have a tremendous impact on the viewer, the cross-cutting between the storylines and flash back/forward keeps you on the tips of your toes, and leads you very effectively to the message of the video.

The video is supported by a rich and full educational guide, a media package with links, background info, a lesson scenario and realistic, useful advice which makes this usable out of the box. Watching the film in a classroom together with a follow-up discussion supported by the material available in the brochure is a good learning experience and a pedagogically sound way to tackle these difficult questions. Because the actors don’t speak, the film can be used without language restrictions. Overall, Et si c'était toi? demonstrates a brilliant use of video to support a learning experience, with a very high degree of emotion and involvement. The students made a film of great educational significance, both in terms of staging and progression of the plot, as well as the technical production and the result is very well suited for the age group targeted.

About the creation of Et si c'était toi?

The framework for the overall production of the film was provided by intern Laurence Streitz (student Bachelor in social and educational studies), Anne-Marie Delvaux (French teacher) and by Nancy Holtgen and Joëlle Keipes (social educationalists).

Laurence Streitz tells us more about the project practicalities: “The aim was for the whole class to carry out a project together, to experiment with film (creating a script, shooting a film) and to promote social skills such as group work dealing with the topics: bullying, violence and their consequences such as depression and suicide.

The students developed the concept and ideas for the scenario, played the characters in the movie, and through the creation of this movie have learned new skills and acquired knowledge related to filmmaking and the social topics apparent in the movie.” This is also apparent from the class's reaction in the educational guide: “This film represents our first filmmaking experience in which we discovered the different steps in the creation of a film. We think that what we wanted to convey was well understood by the audience and the theme of violence clearly presented. For our two fellow students who played the main characters, it was not easy to express their emotions with the camera and the eyes of everybody on them. It was difficult for them and for us to get serious and focus, but we are satisfied with the outcome and the experience has been both fun and informative.”

Designed in collaboration with the school groups Code of Life (Code de vie) service and Info-Action, this film was presented during the 'School Without Violence' days in April 2009. In December 2009, the film also received an award at the Créajeune competition by Saarländisches Filmbüro eV, where it was commended by the jury for approaching an issue that often remains a taboo.

About Laurence Streitz

Laurence Streitz

Laurence Streitz

While Laurence Streitz will soon finish her studies (Bachelor in social and educational studies), she is currently working at the ASTI (Association de Soutien aux Travailleurs Immigrés), charged with intercultural and inter-active school animations. During an internship (which was part of her studies) at the Lycée Technique du Centre, the short film project "Et si c'était-toi?" was born.

Laurence and Joëlle represented this entry at the MEDEA Awards Ceremony and Laurence talked about it in further detail during a presentation at the Media & Learning Conference 2010 Brussels.

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