Five Little Ducks

MEDEA 2008 Highly Commended

Showcase video of Five Little Ducks including interview with Miriam Schembri - download the transcript of this interview

The video clip Five Little Ducks is a stop-motion animation which preschool students made in class. The target students are preschool students. As an exercise in counting the numbers backwards, the children learnt the nursery rhyme, 5 little ducks, so it was with great enthusiasm that they agreed to animate the ducks. The stop-motion animation was produced and entered in the MEDEA Awards 2008 by Miriam Schembri of the Fgura Primary School in Malta.


Screenshot of the entry Five Little Ducks.

Screenshot of the entry Five Little Ducks

What the judges said of this entry

“The judges thought this entry achieves its educational goals for preschool children not only with the video itself but for the entire idea of having children prepare it; this way the video works as a reminder of what they have already learnt while preparing it. This is very important for preschool children and a good example of using media in classroom. The video quality might be improved by using a better camera, lighting and the use of colour could be better but nevertheless, considering that this entry was prepared in a kindergarten with a low budget , the result is very good. The idea of using stop-motion animation gives gentleness to the video that is particularly suitable for small children. It is a nice representation of a nursery rhyme.”

Production shot of the entry Five Little Ducks.

Production shot of the entry Five Little Ducks

About the production of the videoclip

Miriam Schembri: “A parent was invited to class to help the children with the modelling of the ducks. We discussed the background scene for the video clip and a picture from a big book was set up. We were ready to start the animation. The making of the animation was educational in itself as the children had to count and find the matching numbers. It was also shared with other European schools on an international wikispace dedicated to mathematics.”

About Miriam Schembri

Miriam Schembri

Miriam Schembri

Miriam Schembri is a highly experienced Early Years educator who has been successfully teaching Kindergarten children for many years. Miriam engages extensively in innovative international projects and has gained national and European recognition and awards, recently winning a major European eTwinning Award. Miriam is an active member of the eTwinning Expert Teacher Team contributing to the European Schoolnet initiative. Miriam hosts innovative online learning events for primary teachers across Europe including developing teacher’s use of Web 2.0 tools.

Miriam’s focus is in the use of technology as a creative tool for learning in the classroom, while developing new and innovative pedagogies in communication and collaborative technologies.

Stop motion animation is a medium that is used by Miriam to promote the development of literacy, numeracy and ict skills. By its very simplicity this programme is easily manipulated by young children and introduces them into the world of multimedia creation.

Miriam has created and maintains a number of informative wikis, blogs and a YouTube channel. Blogs include ICT Skills in the Early Years, Bee Sharing and wikis include TwinMath wikispace, eTwinning Project Colours of Life and Buzz Bees, a spring project created to compare and contrast spring in Scotland with spring in Malta.

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