Il Girotondo del Tempo

MEDEA Finalist 2012

MEDEA Awards Finalist 2012

This series of 5 interactive video lessons about the ‘Carousel of Time’ was created in 2012 by Hyperfilm srl in Italy.

The five lessons introduce 7 to 8-year-old students to various aspects of the passage of time, such as day and night, your daily routine, seasons and months in a year, and how the passing of time influences us and everything around us.

The showcase video of Il Girotondo del Tempo including an interview with Andrea Tua

Each lesson is in the form of a hyperfilm - an interactive video that links to other clips for further information about the topic - and each is designed for interactive whiteboards (IWB) but can also be used on a computer. They are in the form of workshops that include activities to be made individually, in pairs or in groups aiming to stimulate problem solving.

There are also teacher materials with some ideas for further class work before or after viewing the hyperfilm, and all illustrative materials can be used to expand the lesson.

What the judges said

Screenshot of Il Girotondo del Tempo

Screenshot of Il Girotondo del Tempo

The judges agreed that “The pedagogical approach is complete and accurate; a kit of different tools is provided to be used for different learning activities, which makes different ways of using the materials possible. Very good accompanying documentation and tools”

“These are very professional video lessons using media to support teachers and engage students.”

“Great use of media, audio and images to convey the educational messages. The use of hyperlinks within the video represents a very nice entertaining and educational tool for very young learners.”

About the creation of Il Girotondo del Tempo

Screenshot of Il Girotondo del Tempo

Screenshot of Il Girotondo del Tempo

Mr Andrea Tua, Production Assistant at Hyperfilm srl, on the background of this entry: “The project rises from the need to provide digital natives with a way to support and integrate the main issues discussed during the school year. The decision to structure these IWB lessons in the form of hyperfilms comes from a recognition of the importance of motion pictures as a means to promote and stimulate the learning process.

A hyperfilm is an audiovisual product consisting of a movie with links to further information such as other videos, following the principle of a hyperlink. When more information is available on a certain topic mentioned during the video, a coloured label appears in the centre of the video and moves to the right to a list of linked subchapters. In terms of education, the purpose of a hyperfilm is to lighten the information load from the main video by transferring it to the subchapters. The result is a video that, thanks to its conciseness, becomes agile and of extreme impact. In this case, conciseness and synthesis maximise attention and provide the ideal starting point for developing feedback situations.

Screenshot of Il Girotondo del Tempo

Screenshot of Il Girotondo del Tempo

The potential of a hyperfilm for IWB can be put to use only thanks to the intervention of the teacher, who must keep in mind that the introduction of multimedia in the class creates a different kind of relationship between teacher and students, going from ‘teacher-student’ to ‘teacher-media-student’. This much more complex form allows the multiplication of points of view, because the content is not transmitted only by the teacher, but also by the multimedia product. And although becoming ‘mediator of the media’ and the coordinator, the role of the teacher remains central, and under whose leadership the vision of a hyperfilm can become a moment of cooperative learning. It will be a starting point to tell, describe and talk together on the subject. The transmission of content through a multiplication of points of view will bring new talking points that can be processed in a profitable way by the class.”

About Andrea Tua

Andrea Tua

Andrea Tua

Andrea Tua is a production assistant for Hyperfilm Ltd. and strongly believes in the educational power of a multimedia approach. In the past 10 years he has worked in the non-profit field and realised that - no matter how severe a crisis can be - his work must always have a social meaning. He loves his current job because it allows him to imagine a future of innovation and creativity.

Andrea Tua talked in further detail about Il girotondo del tempo during a presentation at the Media & Learning Conference 2012 Brussels and represented this entry at the MEDEA Awards 2012 Ceremony where he received a MEDEA commemorative medal, and a Camtasia & Snagit software bundle.

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