MEDEA 2009 finalist

MEDEA Awards 2009 finalist

CANON Cultuurcel of the Flemish Ministry of Education and Training launched the INgeBEELD project (INgeBEELD means “in images” or “imaginary”). INgeBEELD is divided into 4 seperate subprojects with different target audiences.

INgeBEELD 1 (3-8 years) familiarises young children with the different building blocks of audio-visual media through five short films and engages pupils in how to look at things and communicate about the experiences.

Showcase video of INgeBEELD, including an interview with Dirk Terryn

INgeBEELD 2 (6-14 years) aims to bring about the delivery of audio-visual teaching at school that is adapted to the living environment of different age groups. It focuses on experimental film, video art and shorter audio-visual creations and introduces the basic principles of network culture and the new media. In these tasks, various media are integrated that are now omnipresent: mobile phone, mp3 player, computer games. INgeBEELD 1 and 2 are delivered in boxes with materials such as richly-illustrated textbooks, prints/drawings and photo materials, enriched with digital materials such as online assignments and DVDs with animations, cartoons, video. Young people learn to creatively express themselves by making music and sounds, drawing, playing drama and using video

INgeBEELD 3 (12-18 years) is a website that contains 4 modules, challenges and materials for all types of secondary education. Teachers can find many ideas and have access to any audio-visual tool to set up or complete their activities. INgeBEELD4 (for teachers in training and in practice) is in a test phase and plans to make these teachers multimedia literate via a ‘media wisdom’ platform. Visitors discover the possibility of working (themselves) on this via five different worlds consisting of audiovisual clips, films and games, all connected with each other. Indirectly students and schools can then benefit from the media wisdom.

What the judges said of INgeBEELD:

Screenshot of INgeBEELD

Screenshot of INgeBEELD 1

“INgeBEELD provides a very rich collection of highly creative, attractive, innovative and pedagogically valuable learning materials and methods, offered in different parts for the different target groups to teach children and adults audiovisual and multimedia literacy in a very effective, enjoyable and successful way. It’s notable that the project has a broad range, a longitudional approach and is based on research!

Excellent curriculum integration, it gives teachers great –yet flexible- suggestions to use the material in class and there are various and sufficient provisions for support. With these materials, teachers are very well equipped to educate young people in using various media to explore and understand the world in a more creative way and growing up to be multimedia literated citizens. Colourful and filled with lots of humour and emotions.”

About the creation of INgeBEELD

Screenshot of INgeBEELD

Screenshot of INgeBEELD 4

Dirk Terryn, who represents INgeBEELD for the MEDEA Awards, explains the background of the project: “Following research commissioned by IAK (BAM) and CANON Cultuurcel and conducted by Annemie Goegebuer in 2004 into the state of audio-visual education in Flemish education at that time, CANON Cultuurcel of the Flemish Ministry of Education and Training recognised the need for the school culture – that is currently still exclusively oriented towards literary literacy – to open up to multimedia literacy and launched INgeBEELD.

The INgeBEELD pathway aims at an integrated vision of audio-visual education stemming from a vertical (from the first year of nursery school to the last year of secondary school) and horizontal (across all subject areas and courses) coherent approach which is consistent with the existing attainment targets and developmental objectives.”

About Dirk Terryn

Dirk Terryn

Dirk Terryn

Dirk Terryn is a former teacher secondary education and former arts educator in Drama and Creative Writing. He is the author of both study books as well as fiction (poetry, plays). Since 2001 he has been working at the Flemish Ministery of Education and Training and is a staff member of CANON CULTURAL UNIT, which is part of the Flemish Agency for Educational Communication and aims to build bridges between culture and education. He is responsible for media and intercultural education, project leader of INgeBEELD and the Days of Literature Education.

Dirk Terryn (right), after receiving his prizes from Maruja Gutierrez-Diaz from the European Commission (left)

Dirk Terryn (right), after receiving his prizes from Maruja Gutierrez-Diaz from the European Commission (left)

Dirk, representing INgeBEELD and CANON Cultural Unit, received a MEDEA medal and prizes including a MicroTrack II mobile digital recorder (sponsored by AVID), and an Adobe Production Premium Creative Suite 4 Licence (sponsored by Adobe Systems).

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