Moving Image Techniques

MEDEA Finalist 2012

MEDEA Awards Finalist 2012

This website, created in November 2011 by Christina dePian in Greece, introduces children and teachers to moving image techniques.

The aim of the website is to assist in the teaching and creation of simple animation films by 5 short stop motion videos and guidelines explaining 5 different techniques to create moving images. The website has been created for school children aged 9 - 13 years old, although it can also be useful for other age groups.

The showcase video of Moving Image Techniques including an interview with Christina dePian

It offers primary school students background information and guidelines to get started in creating an animation film themselves. It has also been used in the classroom to create films within a specific unit and during art classes, and has also been extensively used in adult education seminars and workshops. Teachers use the site to familiarise themselves with the techniques prior to introducing the topic in their classroom, as well as to show it to their students. The website materials have also been used during lectures of student teachers, helping their understanding of the media as well as creation of their own films.

What the judges said

Some of the judges’ comments included: “A highly useful resource for teachers wanting to introduce young learners to animation techniques.” “The content is well structured and laid out for learning. It is well paced and the links out to other sites makes good use of alternative sources.” “Well put together website, with a nice style and very appealing colours and graphics, and it is a very complete explanation how to make simple animations for kids.”

About the creation of Moving Image Techniques

Screenshot of Moving Image Techniques

Screenshot of Moving Image Techniques

Christina dePian, freelancer and art teacher, on why she created this website: “Since media education is not part of the official curriculum in Greece, teachers who would like to introduce moving images as a subject to their students lack access to basic information. So I created this website to make up for the lack of online material in the Greek language that can assist students, teachers and amateurs in creating or teaching animation. The choice of language was a conscious decision, especially as the main target group are school age children. Another objective was to provide a website that includes a selection of animation techniques as well as important background information concerning the development of moving images.

Screenshot of Moving Image Techniques

Screenshot of Moving Image Techniques

The website materials can help create more appreciative / critical visual media consumers as well as conscious animation creators. It is important the children have the opportunity to learn the techniques of the moving image in order to gradually form their personal aesthetic to express their point of view.

I use the website when working with my school children and while teaching in adult education seminars, and I add new links to animation films, other educational sites of similar subject, festivals, workshops, films, … in Greece. So far the website has received very positive feedback from teachers who comment on how they have integrated the information they found on the site with their educational objective and units and even better: I often receive links to short films created by children!”

About Christina dePian

Christina dePian

Christina dePian

Christina is a freelance artist and art educator in Athens, Greece. She participates in exhibitions, presentations, artistic interventions and lectures in the subject area of: Art Education, Art in the Social Environment, Art as a means of Communication, and Educational applications of Visual Media. For 15 years she taught at the department of Early Childhood Education and Development of the University of Athens. She teaches in primary schools as well as in workshops and seminars for children and adults.

Shortfilms in which she coaches children in animation projects can be found online: Texnikes Kinoymenhs Eikonas.

Christina dePian talked in further detail about Moving Image Techniques during a presentation at the Media & Learning Conference 2012 Brussels and represented this entry at the MEDEA Awards 2012 Ceremony where she received a MEDEA commemorative medal, and a Camtasia & Snagit software bundle.

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