Patient Safety - Mildred's Story

MEDEA Award 2008 finalist

Showcase video of the project Patient Safety - Mildred's Story including interview with Jon Shears

This film, based on real life experiences, follows elderly patient Mildred from suffering a stroke, through a number of experiences in hospital to a final life-threatening incident. This fictional story is aimed primarily at student doctors to explore and discuss patient safety issues and to provide tools for dealing with problems.

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Patient Safety - Mildred's Story University of Leicester (UK).

What the judges said of this entry

“While interactive media are the buzz words in today's multimedia learning environment, it is refreshing to see how a well produced and cleverly designed linear video can express motivational issues for education so fluently, while conveying its learning content in a convincing manner. This clearly is team work of the highest quality. Actors, crew and director should at least be nominated for the MEDEA award!

The DVD as part of an integrated training course, provides plenty of inroads for discussions and study without being too obvious or superficial. The story is very well directed with attention for small details and non-verbal expressions. The narrative is very effective, there is plenty of learning content and it is clear that this product can result in good learning outcomes.

It is an excellent example of how well-produced drama video can be used pedagogically. Excellent camerawork, editing and production design overall. The credits with the bloopers are a nice touch.”

Picture of Jon Shears, Rebecca Stromeyer and Mathy Vanbuel.

Jon Shears, Rebecca Stromeyer, ICWE (Germany) and Mathy Vanbuel, ATiT (Belgium)

About Jon Shears

Jon Shears has worked as a video producer at the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom since the early 1990s, running a production service to support the University’s teaching, research and promotional activities. He is also responsible for teaching practical film-making modules for undergraduates. He recently took on a new role as Manager of Multimedia Services, bringing together video production with web development support and with learning technology production.

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