Pay Off!

MEDEA 2008 Highly Commended

Screenshot of the entry Pay Off!

Screenshot of the entry Pay Off!

The entry Pay Off! is an educational introduction to moviemaking tools aimed on students in primary school. Being able to analyze and use moviemaking tools are essential when one is going to use the creative sense in a film perspective.

The DVD and accompanying teacher's manual make it easier for the teacher to introduce the subjects by viewing chapter by chapter and thus subject by subject. After viewing a chapter, pupils and teachers can discuss and reflect, and before the time of testing, the teacher can use the DVD to prepare for it. This project was entered in the MEDEA Awards 2008 by Grethe Grønkjær, GeGe Publishing and Production Company, Denmark.

What the judges said of this entry

“The judges said that this entry uses very good material for teaching and learning how to make videos, although more hands-on and practical guidelines for use in the classroom could have been added. The methodological approach with redundancy and illustration was very good and the judges agreed that the content was very well structured with a nice interrelation between handbook and DVD-video. In conclusion, the pristine visual quality (images + graphics) enhanced this general positive feeling.”

About the creation and use of the videoclip

Grethe Grønkjær

Grethe Grønkjær

Grethe Grønkjær: “One of the main challenges in making this film and a challenge that I constantly face with other projects is the sourcing and accessing material that is already produced, for example film clips, TV commercials, music videos etc. As I don’t have the rights to this material, I have to produce it myself or get them made and this can be very challenging working with the various film production companies to achieve this.

Along with the DVD, a small teacher's manual was created. Originally this project was aimed at children aged between ten and thirteen but it’s now used within the wider school system which includes students aged between fifteen and sixteen. It is also utilised in the boarding school systems and in schools that cater for children with emotional problems.”

In 2006 Pay Off! participated in the Danish competition "Det gyldne Snit 2006" (organised by Forskningsnettet) and won the Jury´s special prize.

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