Pest Control Strategies for Sustainable Agriculture

Taking the Western Corn Rootworm as an example, in this interactive video viewers can discover which strategies are in place to control pests. They get to know their advantages and disadvantages and the role that basic research must play in developing new, sustainable strategies.
Thanks to the interactive nature of the video, viewers can actively select which strategies they want to try first and get deeply involved with the learning material. With the links to additional information, viewers can selectively broaden their knowledge depending on their interest and prior knowledge. All this should lead to a higher intrinsic motivation to dive deeper into the topic.

About the project

This video is part of the flashMOOCs videos series. With this series, the University of Bern provides learning content for teachers but also for the general and interested public, as the topics are socially relevant and scientifically current. Unlike ‘normal’ MOOCs, the flashMOOCs are shorter, and the navigation features, self-assessments, and further information are integrated into the video itself as interactive elements. This allows viewers to go straight to the content they want and be stimulated to engage more deeply with the topic.

About the production

Together with Matthias Erb, a well-known expert for plant-insect interactions, we discussed suitable topics to create an interactive educational video. Soon we agreed upon the different pest control strategies and came up with the idea to let viewers try out these strategies and give them the opportunity the dive deeper into certain subtopics. To illustrate the complex processes and interactions more clearly, we produced an animated video with additional live action footage. The latter gives viewers a good picture of the insect pest which is kept in quarantine in research institutes or would only be found in infected maize fields.

About David Yela - Producer

David Yela has studied Business Communication at the University of Fribourg. During his studies he worked part-time for the university's student television and founded a film, photo and communication company called Setrunners LLC. Being a self-employed video producer fits perfectly to his work in the flashMOOCs team of the University of Bern.

About Jonathan Stauffer - Producer

Jonathan Stauffer has studied German and Archeology at the University of Bern. At the mean time he taught himself animation and launched a YouTube channel in this field. Currently he’s creating educational videos for the University of Bern – a job that matches perfectly his passion for animation to his broad scientific interests.

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