Physique à main levée

MEDEA Award Finalist 2013

MEDEA Award Finalist 2013

The website "Physique à main levée" was created by Jean-Marie Blondeau and his colleges of Unisciel, Digital Thematic University (UNT) in the University of Lille1 in France.

The site is made for primary school children as well as for secondary and university students. It contains video clips that show and explain experiments on various physical subjects. The experiments are short and easy to perform with everyday life material.
The worksheets that accompany the clips explain the physical concept and how to do these experiments yourself.

The showcase video of Physique à main levée including an interview with Jean-Marie Blondeau

The videos and worksheets can be used in parallel with science courses to make science more attractive and amaze the students. These tools reintroduce an experimental aspect of science education and make the courses less theoretical.


What the judges said

"This project is somewhat similar to Kahn Academy. The site provides clear worksheets and lesson plans on different physics topics with well-made and relevant experiential videos, and clearly structured scenarios to reproduce the experiments and the underlying physical laws. The worksheets allow adding comments and some interaction with its users. The resources are of very high quality and can be used to engage students with very different cognitive profiles"

About the creation of Physique à main levée

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This website was created to stimulate the curiosity of young people about science and to give a taste of scientific university studies. The main objective is to make science education more attractive on a university level by strengthening its experimental nature and provide a better understanding of the phenomena in an inductive approach.

It includes 200 commented and validated scientific experiments designed to enjoy learning and teaching science.

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Each teacher has the opportunity to enhance her or his class by showing a clip or series of clips involving quizzes. The students can test what they have learned by doing the quiz that will appear in a window besides the video. This will make them think about what they have seen on the video and the underlying concepts.

The added value for the students is that they can see and perform their own experiments which they would never do in the traditional courses.

About Jean-Marie Blondeau

Jean-Marie Blondeau is the technical director of a multimedia production laboratory.