Poets Laureate of Antwerp

MEDEA 2008 Highly Commended

Showcase video about Poets Laureate of Antwerp including interview with Bart Verswijvel - download the transcript of this interview

In this project Poets Laureate of Antwerp, 16/17 year old pupils of the Immaculata Instituut of Oostmalle (Belgium) made animations of poems during the lessons of Dutch (mother tongue). The poems come from the city poets laureate of Antwerp. The pupils are in so called technical education (a level in between general and vocational school). A project like this has the intention of dealing with poetry in an alternative way.

Very important in this project was collaborative learning. Although each student made his own animation, they helped each other with solving technical problems. At the end of the production phase (in class), all the animations were presented in class and the students rated each other’s animations.

The poems themselves are in Dutch, so for this competition an English version of the project blog with the embedded videoclips/animations was created.

What the judges said of this entry

Screenshot of the entry Poets Laureate of Antwerp

Screenshot of the entry Poets Laureate of Antwerp

“An excellent way of integrating media into the language curriculum and the site helps to encourage self-directed learning and learning by discovery. The judges found the blog very easy to use (introduction, good structure with the names of the poets as chapters, embedded player). While some of the pupils seem to have fallen into the trap of mimicking (using same images and styles) they really had the opportunity to experiment with composition, image-sound. The judges would have liked to have seen more images / drawings / pictures created by the pupils to ensure copyright-clearance for each video. It is difficult to differ between exact representations of words and showing the meaning behind the words (useless violence, marginalising people of our society) but the pupils learned to use an ordinary tool such as Powerpoint to make not so ordinary things while some even used more professional programs. While the judges were aware that the site is put up especially for the MEDEA Awards, they suggested that the blog/site could be enhanced with user interaction (blogging, comments tagging...) if it is meant to stay online as a showcase. Overall a good entry about learner-created content.”

Bart Verswijvel

Coordinating teacher Bart Verswijvel

About the creation of the project

Bart Verswijvel: “As part of the eTwinning project, the students were hosts for Dutch students visiting Antwerp and to welcome their visit to Antwerp, we thought that digital animations of poems relating to Antwerp would be an interesting and alternative introduction to the city. The project was completed in about five class lessons, in which we used free but also licensed software. The results were published online on our project blog.”

Project website

English project blog for Poets Laureate of Antwerp

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