Practice Your Music

MEDEA Awards Finalist 2013

MEDEA Award Finalist 2013

Practice Your Music is an innovative interactive application for music practice, aimed at music students who want to leave behind the hours of solo practice.

The application consists of books, songs, video tutorials and exercises in video format. A group of musicians play a specific piece, while the student can interact with them. It has multiple options to tailor playback to your needs, such as slow performance, form a loop in a particular fragment of the piece that you believe should improve, control the volume of the instruments, or even expand the view of each musician to see the details of their interpretation and accompany them simultaneously with the corresponding score.

The showcase video of Practice Your Music including an interview with Unai Mimenza.

The interactivity of the application allows each student to customize each item according to their tastes and needs, and even serves as a support tool for teaching the same classes.

The application is intended for all students of classical and modern music, from conservatories, schools, colleges and academies of music, regardless of age.

What the judges said

Judges said that "The learning objective is clear and very well explained to the user prior to using the product. The learning content is really extensive and it is structured in such a way that it would keep the learner focused and attentive. It is worth mentioning that, despite no specific learning effectiveness embedded in the form of a test or similar, the product provides experience in which the learner will have to evaluate his/her knowledge and work to reach a level of proficiency, which is set for professional musicians. The product is designed in such a way that it can be used in various contexts - classroom, on-line, individual usage."

Unai Mimenza about the creation of Practice Your Music

Screenshot of Practice Your Music


Practice Your Music is an application that helps you practice with your musical instrument. If you are interested in learning how to play an instrument or improving your musical skills, you can now do it in a fun, active and easy way. Forget about the lonely and monotonous practicing hours of the past.

Unai said that it came from the necessity of having some materials that kids could use to practice. "We thought that it would more fun for them if they had someone or something to play with. It can be used by anyone. You have fun with it, instead of playing on your own."

The project started around 2011, first with a software company, and later with the team by itself. The current version started being developed around 2013.

The project has recently been awarded the 2nd prize in the European Cup of Microsoft App, held in Brussels, and the application has been included in the app market for Windows 8.

About Unai Mimenza

Unai Mimenza

Unai Mimenza

Graduated in B.Sc. (Hons) in Music Acoustics and Recording by the University of Salford (UK) Unai has been working as professional sound engineer for around 15 years. Three years ago and with his experience in the music industry and knowledge of musicians and music teachers he started the "Practice Your Music" project with his partners.

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