Pronunciation Tips

MEDEA Award 2008 finalist

Showcase video of the project Pronunciation Tips including interview with Callum Robertson

The main element of Pronunciation Tips is a series of 44 free videos showing the sounds of English. These videos encourage the user to not only practice the sounds of English but also to learn and use the phonetic symbols that represent them.

What the judges said of this entry:

“Great resource that is of use to learners across the world. Completely free of charge. Highly flexible and adaptive to suit individual learning preferences, styles and environments. Very high quality self learning approach, rich resources, clear objectives, communication and flow clear and appealing.

Diversification of activities clearly helps the learner to grasp the content and skills quicker. Video, images and sound used very effectively for the purpose of the learning. The application is simple and easy to use for self learning, for teacher support as well as for supported classroom teaching and learning. Exemplary approach for pronunciation training in language learning.”

About Callum Robertson

Picture of Callum Robertson, Rebecca Stromeyer, and Mathy Vanbuel.

Callum Robertson, Rebecca Stromeyer, ICWE (Germany) and Mathy Vanbuel, ATiT (Belgium)

Callum Robertson is an online producer working on the award-winning website BBC Learning English. He has worked for the BBC since 1998 and in English language teaching since 1986.

After graduating from the University of Hull with a degree in drama, Callum took a year out to teach English. This one year extended to fourteen working as a teacher and teacher-trainer and took him around the world. He spent three years teaching in Japan and three years in Denmark before settling back in the UK.

Picture of the project Pronunciation Tips.

Pronunciation Tips BBC Learning English (UK).

It was while teaching in London in 1998 that he was asked to write and present a radio series for BBC English. This led to other free-lance commissions and in 2000 Callum gave up regular classroom teaching to work full-time at the BBC. As well as producing radio series for learners and teachers of English Callum also began to work on internet projects for the developing web presence of what was to become

Since 2004 Callum has worked almost exclusively online creating, producing and implementing learning materials on the web.

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