Quand la colère fait tomber les masques

Winner of the MEDEA Award for Professionally Produced Educational Media 2012

MEDEA Award Winner 2012

Quand la colère fait tomber les masques is an educational movie produced in 2011 by Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne with support from the Association des Universités AUNEGE.

This 35-minute movie tells a gripping story of a social conflict between an employee and the new management of a family-owned company in the process of becoming a large multinational. The movie, which is based on a true story, shows all events in the company from different angles: human resource management, employee’s rights, conflict management, business ethics and corporate law.

The showcase video of Quand la colère fait tomber les masques including an interview with Catherine Loire

At the beginning of the film the main character, Sonia Ricard, starts a new job for a fast-growing company but soon after that a reorganisation takes place resulting in a total changeover of the management team. The new managing director immediately fires Sonia without allowing her to use any of her social rights. When Sonia seeks help from the labour union, the relationship between her and her bosses becomes even more tense, resulting in a conflict that lasts for more than 3 years… .


What the judges said

The judges described this entry as “…a good selection of different elements from the grammar of video language: TV interviews, fiction, cartoons, animation…” “All elements are well chosen for their effectiveness in contributing to the pedagogical objectives, and the quality of their elaboration is excellent.” “The video makes very good use of fiction to intellectually and emotionally involve the student.”

About the creation of Quand la colère fait tomber les masques

Screenshot of Quand la colère fait tomber les masques

Screenshot of Quand la colère fait tomber les masques

Catherine Loire, ICT in Education project manager at Paris 1 - Panthéon-Sorbonne University about Quand la colère fait tomber les masques: “This movie tells students the story of a person who was deeply hurt in her search for respect and compassion, step by step we see how a conflict at the workplace can grow into a big problem, and we see what its consequences can be both on a personal and collective level. The movie does not only show the problems but also suggests some possible solutions.”

Screenshot of Quand la colère fait tomber les masques

Screenshot of Quand la colère fait tomber les masques

Starting from a case study on paper, we believed that transforming this into a film with a strong narrative element could take this course to a higher level, making the matter more enjoyable and attractive for our students, who feel more involved and much more engaged to discuss the subject as they understand it better. The film is being used different management, business ethics and law courses at the University Paris 1 as a starting point for debates about these topics: a film case study that is much more effective and involving than it ever could be on paper! The film is also freely available online and is therefore being used by external lecturers as well.”

Screenshot of Quand la colère fait tomber les masques

Photos of the 'making of' of Quand la colère fait tomber les masques

The scenario was written by Philippe Jacquinot & Arnaud Pellissier-Tanon and Catherine Loire led the production as the Project Manager. Apart from the main actor in the film who was a professional actress, all other actors were students or teachers. The film crew (except for the animator who was specially contracted for this job) consisted mainly of people from the ICT for education department, plus the two trainers who were the initiators of the project. It took almost 2 years to produce the film, because everything had to be done on top of all the daily work of the staff members.

This film won the prize for best experimental film at the First Edition of the First University Educational Film Festival in Lyon, in April 2012.”

About Catherine Loire

Catherine Loire

Catherine Loire

After 15 years as a trainer, designer of training guides and pedagogical manager within Alcatel training institute, Catherine Loire joined the TICE (ICT in education) department of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne University in 2005. She is responsible for the C2i (internet and data processing skills certification) which in 2012 alone involves more than 4000 students. Catherine Loire also helps the teachers in designing and using ICT in education devices such as pedagogical films or on-line courses. She also provides the teachers with advice on how to make course material available online for their students.

During the MEDEA Awards Ceremony that took place during the Media & Learning Conference, “Quand la colère fait tomber les masques” was announced as the Winner of the MEDEA Award for Professionally Produced Educational Media 2012. Catherine Loire received the MEDEA Statuette as well as an Acer Tablet and a Camtasia & SnagIt software bundle.

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