Think Sustainable – Little Eco-Houses

Highly Commended 2012

MEDEA Awards/Highly Commended 2012

Think sustainable - Little Eco-Houses is a cross-media project realised by the third class of a secondary school in Asti (Italy) and Professor Cinzia Chelo around the theme of sustainability.

Think sustainable - Little Eco-Houses promotes the concept of energy through the use and the transformation of natural and sustainable resources. The students are given the task to design an eco-house making use of renewable energy sources, like wind & sun energy, bio mass, etc.

Screenshot of Think sustainable - Little eco-houses

Screenshot of Think sustainable - Little eco-houses

For the modelling of the houses the students made use of the freeware software SketchUp8.In a second step, they realised the promotional contents of their project in three different media formats:
- an e-book created in two parts: the first that explains the different types of sustainable energies and the second one where the students presented their solutions.
- six short movies published on Youtube
- six podcasts which you can download from the website

What the judges said about Think Sustainable - Little Eco-Houses

Screenshot of Think sustainable - Little eco-houses

Screenshot of Think sustainable - Little eco-houses

"The relationship between objectives and activities is appropriate. One can appreciate the use of many supports which are included in LIM. The theme is very present and it binds very well with the media education methods. The use of media is very varied and, at the same time, simple and functional to the teacher choices."
"The project is very articulated and well conducted. The learning objectives are complex but consistent and the participation of students seems very active. Tools, content and instructions are rich. The use of different media makes this product a very good work. Text, software, video and interactive board are very well combined."
"The project allows students to learn how to master different steps of an articulate project, while at the same time getting susceptible of environmental and energy issues."

About the creation of Think Sustainable - Little Eco-Houses

Screenshot of Think sustainable - Little eco-houses

Screenshot of Think Sustainable - Little Eco-Houses

Cinzia Chelo, the primary school teacher who created this project with her students, tells us that: "the project is the result of a demanding work that wants to promote the induction of a new learning culture: mixing multimedia languages and traditional learning.

The project is split in 4 production steps:

1 - Research: students studied the theme "Energies and renewable resources", focusing on several problems and trying to find the possible solution.
2 - Recreation: students projected the solution and produced virtual representation of eco-houses.
3 - Multimedia documentation through the realisation of LIM and the e-book's illustration.
4 - Multimedia documentation and promotion through video editing and the realisation of a podcast.

The results could be seen in the daily work with the students, they were every day more involved, enjoyed it and were proud of the job they did. We can see that the students work in a very concentrated way and take responsibility for their efforts.
The students' presentation at the end of the project showed how they had progressed during the project/
The knowledge acquired by the students, is shown through their verbal presentations, the conceptual map they made, the description and realisation of the eco-houses and the texts and pictures they produced for the e-book.

About Cinzia Chelo

Cinzia Chelo

Cinzia Chelo

Cinzia Chelo is a Maths and Science teacher at the junior secondary school (kids aged 10 to 13) "A. Brofferio" in Asti, Italy. She is a counsellor and responsible for ICT support, as well as being an ICT-projects' coordinator. Since 2009 she has been participating in the 3-year project CLA@SSI 2.0, organised by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR).

Cinzia is also a tutor and coach for several training courses for primary and secondary school teachers. She is particularly experienced in teaching using interactive whiteboards (IWB): she founded the educational repository to share her educational IWB resources. She has become a SMART Exemplary Educator (SEE).

Cinzia is an expert teacher in mathematical logic and is the author of a Maths CD-ROM published by De Agostini-Scuola, as well as books about using the computer for learning, and dynamic geometry software in particular.

As a teacher she has always been interested in teaching innovation, trying to use new cognitive approaches and different ways of communication while still respecting traditional values.

In 2011 Cinzia was a MEDEA Awards Finalist with the entry Imprinting.

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