Winner of the Special Prize of the MEDEA Jury 2013

MEDEA Award Winner 2013

WahaTV is a WebTV involving all students of the Athenaeum Leonie Waha. It was initiated by their teacher Emmanuel Chapeau who was assisted by a trainer of "new media", Thomas Jungblut of CAV Liège.

Its design is the result of a collaboration between students from different levels of education.
The specific teaching needed for the project was conceived and developed by Célestin Freinet pedagogical advisor.

The showcase video of WahaTv including an interview with Emmanuel Chapeau and Thomas Jungblut.

The group of students who designed the site had specific training with a resource center, CAV Liège, to acquire the skills needed to complete the project. The trainer, Thomas Jungblut, proposed a method which constantly integrates media in order to get students to comprehend their chosen medium. At the same time he provided them with the technical skills and aesthetic values essential to the realization of the project. The students learned not only about creating media but also how to update the website as "administrator". This way the project can endure through time, for new groups of students.


What the judges said

"A school project well-grounded on the pedagogical principles of Freinet and Dewey. A good match between aesthetics, content and semantics. This project can serve as an example for many other schools "

About the creation of WahaTv

Screenshot of WahaTv


Emmanuel Chapeau and Thomas Jungbluit about the creation of WahaTV: "The project of creating a WebTV fits in a context of active learning. This specific and cross-curricular learning gives the students a strong and useful embodiment. In line with the expansion of existing technologies, WebTV answers a multitude of educational concerns relating to the life of the school and all its members.

The choice of WebTV was a quick decision because this medium allows a wide and organized dissemination of media projects produced by students of the school. The notion of sharing educational activities was essential to the project and WebTV perfectly fulfills this role by being accessible from multi media.

Screenshot of WahaTv


One of the objectives is to develop their insight of the dynamics of communication at work in contemporary society (awareness strategies, objectives and effects). This dynamic experiment in school allows students to develop their independence and critical thinking with the aim, in the longer term, of transferring these skills outside the classroom.

It was essential that students took ownership, collectively managing the project, sometimes outside the usual time and space of school. WEB TV enabled a spirit of active learning in an open-minded school. "

About Thomas Jungblut and Emmanuel Chapeau

Thomas Jungblut

Thomas Jungblut

Born in '78, Thomas Jungblut is not a digital native. However, he considers the digital revolution as a fabulous learning and developing opportunity in the field of media education. For several years, he has, as a trainer, been specializing in new media at the CAV Liège. He is also assistant at the University of Liège in the "Arts and Sciences of Communication" department where he supervises future teachers.


Emmanuel Chapeau

Emmanuel Chapeau

Master in Communication and in Roman languages, Emmanuel Chapeau taught French as a foreign language in Belgium and in the USA for 5 years before getting back to his first passion and specialization: cinema and visual arts. Since then, he has been teaching drama and communication in secondary education and working as an assistant at the University of Liège in the Arts and Sciences of Communication department, where he supervises future teachers.


During the MEDEA Awards Ceremony that took place during the Media & Learning Conference, “WahaTv” was announced as the Winner of the Special Prize of the MEDEA Jury 2013. Thomas Jungblut and Emmanuel Chapeau received the MEDEA Medal as well as a Google Nexus 7 Tablet and a Camtasia Studio & Photoshop and Premiere Elements 12 software bundle.