Werner Heisenberg

MEDEA Finalist 2011

MEDEA Finalist 2011

This entry, a documentary of six 15-minute episodes about the scientist Werner Heisenberg, was produced in 2011 by INTER/AKTION GmbH in Germany.

Werner Heisenberg (1901-1976), a German mathematical child prodigy, became a theoretical physicist who shook up Isaac Newton’s dominant view on the world of physics and developed the quantum physics theory for which he was awarded the 1933 Nobel Prize for Physics. He is also known for the ‘Heisenberg uncertainty principle’.

The showcase video of Werner Heisenberg, including an interview with Uwe von Schumann

This documentary recognises the impact of quantum mechanics on our daily lives as today’s economy relies heavily on Heisenberg's discovery: without quantum mechanics, there would not be microchips, computers, nuclear power plants or nuclear bombs. As quantum mechanics determined the world in which we live today, Heisenberg's discoveries not only have far-reaching political and economic consequences, they also raise philosophical questions. Heisenberg himself was always particularly keen to raise awareness about the enormous consequences of the quantum mechanics theory as he lived through both World Wars and saw the impact of the first atom bomb.

The six episodes shows this complexity and the interlinked issues in both the scientific and philosophical world and offers the viewer an introduction to Werner Heisenberg's thinking, creativity and work, in themes that document who Heisenberg was as a man, a scientist and a philosopher.

About the creation of this documentary

Screenshot of the documentary Werner Heisenberg

Screenshot of the documentary Werner Heisenberg

Mr Uwe von Schumann, CEO of INTER/AKTION GmbH in Germany and producer of Werner Heisenberg talks more about the background of this entry: “INTER/AKTION GmbH is an agency for film and interactive media which develops ideas, concepts and formats for media for film and TV programmes, exhibitions and museums, theme parks and adventure worlds.

The four main people involved in the production of this particular documentary are Thomas Gonschior, who authored the TV-series, directors Thomas Gonschior and Alexander Landsberger and myself as producer for INTER/AKTION GmbH.

This documentary will air for the first time on BR-alpha on 13 November 2011.”

About Uwe von Schumann

Uwe von Schumann

Uwe von Schumann

Uwe von Schumann is managing director and creative producer and has been in charge of most of the company’s productions within the past 20 years. Documentary series like “Milestones in Science and Engineering” (108 episodes), “The History of Homoeopathy” (6 episodes), “Konrad Duden” (4 episodes), “Charles Darwin” (6 episodes) and “What we do not know yet” (13 episodes) were produced within the past years by INTER/AKTION under his special guidance. Besides productions for TV, INTER/AKTION and Uwe von Schumann have conceived and produced educational multimedia programs for museums and exhibitions (Aquarius Wassermuseum (Mülheim an der Ruhr), Science Center Macao (Macao), Geldmuseum der Deutschen Bundesbank (Frankfurt/Main), Deutsches Museum (München), SiemensForum (München)).

Uwe talked about Werner Heisenberg in further detail during a presentation at the Media & Learning Conference 2011 Brussels in November 2011. He also represented this finalist entry at the MEDEA Awards 2011 Ceremony where he received a MEDEA medal.

Viewing this documentary

This documentary is only available on television for the moment, so for more information you can check the INTER/AKTION website.