Special Prize for Educational Media Promoting EU Citizenship

Set up to coincide with the European Year of Citizens 2013, this prize will be dedicated to an entry or production that clearly uses (multi)media to raise awareness and promote EU citizenship and EU citizen’s rights. All educational media productions, no matter in what format, be it website, video, game or interactive presentation, that illustrate, document or promote the topic of the European Year.

The MEDEA Awards are supported by the European Commission by the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) through the MEDEAnet project (2012-2014).

This award is open to anyone participating in the MEDEA Awards 2013. In the submission form, participants can indicate that they submit their entry also for this special award and their reason to enter for this specific award. Prizes will include a MEDEA Medal as well as equipment and/or software, details to be announced later.