MEDEA Awards 2017

MEDEA Awards

Finalists announced for MEDEA Awards 2017

The 8 finalists for the 2017 Annual MEDEA Awards were announced by the MEDEA Awards Organising Committee today. They are (in alphabetical order):

  • by Sara Alloatti (Switzerland)
  • Cuba Stories by John Drew (United States)
  • De mayor quiero ser científica by Fundación Profesor Novoa Santos (Spain)
  • Écoute cette histoire by TV5 Québec (Canada)
  • In my own view by Karpos (Greece)
  • Physics House by ClickView (Australia)
  • Project management simulation by Saffron Interactive (United Kingdom)
  • Somme Tales by The National Archives (United Kingdom)

The overall winners will be announced during a virtual MEDEA Awards ceremony which takes place on Wednesday 19 April 2017. The winners will be invited to the Media & Learning Conference 2018 in Brussels. This year the awards attracted more than 100 entries from 26 countries and the judging panel was made up of 86 judges.

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MEDEA Awards 2017: Finalists To Be Announced Soon

We are pleased to announce that, after a longer than expected period of evaluation, the finalists of the MEDEA Awards 2017 edition will be announced in the first half of March. The news will be announced with a press release, on our website and through our social media channels. All finalists will also be notified individually.

The MEDEA Awards Ceremony will not take place during the Media & Learning Conference in Brussels this year because with considerable regret we in the Media & Learning Association together with our partners in the Flemish Ministry of Education have decided to cancel this year’s Media & Learning Conference and Symposium due to unforeseen medical circumstances.

The finalists will instead be invited to take part in an online session, during which the winners of the MEDEA Awards 2017 will be announced. The date and link for participation in this session will be made available shortly. All MEDEA participants and interested people are invited to join.

In addition to this online session, the MEDEA 2017 finalists will also be invited to take part in the next edition of Media & Learning taking place in Brussels in 2018.

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